Why the food industry is against mandatory GMO labeling.


Great article..my question is…do we believe that this is a good thing or a bad thing?  Have we lost our trust in the food industry and the people who are supposed to be responsible for overseeing the laws that were meant to protect society?  I agree that this is costly for the food industry and we are just going to see the price of food go higher and higher.  What’s the end result here?  Are people going to quit buying the products that we have lost trust in? ( that’s what I’m doing ) Are we going to just grow our own ( not that easy, with the climate today) Or are companies going to just going to buck up and become responsible for the things they produce and start caring about humanity rather than corporate profit?  It seems like a no brainer  to me..then again..what the heck do I know!~ I love my Buycott.com app!


Kill the Monument Bill (HR 1459)


Does yes mean yes or no?  How much more confusing can we make it..just to throw blinders over the voters eyes?  This is nutty!  Think about it~

Where Children Sleep..


Very telling photo’s of the social and living conditions of children around the world..I know I was shaped by my environment.  My fondest memory of my bedroom, was the year I decided I loved purple, and decided to paint purple polka dots all over the bed frame and the walls.  Not sure how much my mom liked it…but I loved it.  I wonder of the childhood dreams that are being born in some of these bedrooms.

The Chernobyl of the Northwest



But not to fear..according to #experts #nofear #radiation in the ocean… just so you no, we have nothing to fear! If you see any fish glowing, it’s just a new species! Not to worry.